So one of my faaaaaaavorite drinks of all time is bubble tea. Half chewy bubbles, half exotic milkshake. Sadly, in pursuit of better A1c’s I had to [x] carbs out of my diet because those light airy jellies and ‘bubbles’ are heavy on the carbs. I recently stumbled upon Grass Jelly at my local WalMart and its dark color and jelly consistency reminded me of bubble tea. I checked the nutritional profile and nearly toppled over.

When I cracked open the can it resembled jello, and tasted slightly bitter. It is made from minty mesona chinensis herbs which are believed to be medicinal. *shrugs*

I dumped the jelly into a bowl and ran a knife through it several times in several directions until I had a mass of small jelly pieces. I have made the faux bubble tea a few times, and I hardly ever measure exact amounts. I have included a sample ingredient list with amounts below. Vary as necessary to get your desired consistency and sweetness.


chopped grass jelly
green/black loose leaf tea
1 cup boiling water
1 + 1/2 cups almond breeze milk
splenda (to taste)
1/2 cup crushed ice
optional: flavorings, syrups (if using davinci or torani, adjust splenda), heavy cream or whey protein powder or guar/xanthan gum to thicken, anything you want

1. boil water and brew a cup of loose leaf tea. steep until the water is room temperature a bit of grass jelly in a glass and sweeten w/ splenda, mix to ensure all pieces are coated
3.put crushed ice, almond milk, tea and splenda in a blender and blend, or pour ingredients directly over jelly
4. mix and enjoy!

This recipe was tasty, refreshing and reminiscent of the real thing.

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